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NCCG offers various loans depending on your commercial project. How can we help you?

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$1 million factoring account for a trucking company

$1.1 million commercial rate and term refinance on a ballooning commercial note

$250,000 blanket loan unseasoned cash out refinance 7 properties

$135,000 fix and flip

$75,000 short term bridge loan SFR investment

$800,000 blanket purchase loan lent off appraised value not purchase price

$200,000 cash out unseasoned refinance 7 properties for a foreign national borrower

$78,000 on a fix and flip

$450,000 line of credit secured to apartment building

$135,000 transactional fund

$15,000 fix and flip to hold out of state investor

$35,000 Fix and flip to out of state investor

$100,000 unsecured line of credit to business

$150,000 blanket loan cash out

$2.2 million blanket loan of six 12 unit apartment buildings

$650,000 blanket loan 36 properties

$114,500 Purchase 6 unit apartment building

$228,000 Blanket loan 7 properties had prior short sales in last 3 years cash out

$175,000 non recourse IRA Loan cash out 5 properties within an IRA

$110,000 blanket loan cash out 2 commercial buildings

$280,000 Resort purchase seller provided no historical data on property

$550,000 Second mortgage on shopping plaza secured by other collateral

$4.1 million short term bridge loan to buy out partner client had credit issues

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